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Do you know about Modern India? A General Knowledge Approach

As we know, Indian history can be classified into three broad categories. Ancient, Medieval and Modern. We have already discussed Ancient and Medieval India in last few posts. Here, in this post, we will study about Modern India and throw some light on the chain of events happening in ancient India and concluding in modern India.

Modern India

In 1498, a Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama’s discovery of the sea route to India helped in establishing the political structure in India. East India Company of Britain came here with the excuse of trading and soon started developing its political dominion in India and, finally, succeeded in establishing their rule over India.

Important events related to Modern Indian History

1. First war of Independence (Mutiny of Sepoys)
It took place in 1857 when soldiers refused to touch the new rifle cartridges which were said to have been greased with a cover made of animal fat. Mangal Pande was a prominent figure, who surfaced during this mutiny. He killed two Britishers at Barrackbore, and this was also one of the causes of the mutiny.
2. Government of India Act, 1858
This proclaimed the direct governance of British crown over India.
3. Formation of Indian National Congress
A.O.Hume is credited with the formation of Indian National Congress in December 1885, which held its first session at Bombay, under the presidentship of W.C. Banerjee.
4. Partition of Bengal
It took place in 1905.

Other significant events related to Indian Freedom Movement

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Important Lords and Viceroys associated with British rule and related events

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List of Important Historical Events

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List of important Presidents of Indian National Congress

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Important Newspaper brought out by National Leaders

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Important visitors to India and the Kings whose courts they visited

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